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Child  Passports

Please take the following documents (except for our form, item 1) to the nearest Passport Acceptance Officer. You can find your nearest Passport Acceptance Officer by visiting Locator for Authorized Passport Federal Agents. You will be receiving a sealed envelop at the end of your visit.

The child must appear with both parents. In case one of the parents can't appear, the absent parent must compete sign and notarize form DS--3053 - Statement of Consent for Minors

  1. Completed and signed Service Request Form

  2. Completed form DS-11. Please don't sign this form until you are in front of the acceptance officer . This form can be completed on-line at the following Application Form. Please select de checkbox "Additional Fees $60 Expedite Service" at the end of the completion of this form.

  3. Certified copy of birth certificate

  4. Old (expired) passport, if any.

  5. One passport pictures - 2" X 2".

  6. Copy of travel itinerary

  7. One letter of authorization to allow Quick Passport to act on your behalf. Please check mark the first two paragraphs.

  8. Money order payable to the "Department of State" for $140. This money order must be submitted to the Post Office officer during your visit to the post office.

  9. $25 for the Post Office for the execution of form DS-11. The method of payment at the Post Office can be check, cash, or credit/debit card.

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